Why Everyone Should Double Cleanse


Hands up those of us who will quite often make do with removing makeup with a simple swipe of a cotton pad. Or even worse…a face wipe?! We’ve all been guilty of this skin care faux pas once in a while! But whether you’re reaching for the wipes due to a touch of laziness, convenience or just plain ignorance, we are here to teach you why you should ditch the wipes and take 5-10 minutes out of your evening to cleanse. But not just cleansing once, you should be cleansing TWICE! Continue reading

Your Quick Guide To Retinol


Many of you probably caught the BBC One show, ‘The Truth About Looking Good’ last week. Whilst there were lots of interesting things to take away from the programme in regards to skincare, one of the highlights was Retinol. The show confirmed that Retinol is great for the skin, but they didn’t really go into why it’s so great, or even how to use it. Here at Skin Oracle, we thought it was time for some truths about Retinol and why exactly it’s so great!

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Micro-needling: A Beginners Guide

Micro Needling

What would you say if I told you one of the most popular skincare trends for 2018 was to roll a barrel all over your face laced with needles to puncture the skin? You’d think I was barmy.

There’s also a good chance you’ve stumbled on this article as you’ve heard of micro-needling (or derma-rolling) and wondered why a horror movie-esque torture device is being recognised as an anti-ageing miracle.

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The Next Addition To Your Makeup Bag


I’ve tried many different kinds of mascara over the years but I’ve yet to find the perfect mascara that creates the perfect lashes. You know the kind I mean, those stunning ‘TV Advert’ eyes that are impossible to recreate with mascara alone! Although my hunt continues, I have found something that might be even better. The Jane Iredale Lash Extender and Conditioner is a little wonder that has found a permanent place in all my various makeup bags.

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Common Skincare Mistakes

common skincare mistakes

We all try our very best to take care of our skin. We keep up to date with the latest products and stick to our routine with military precision. But what if we told you that some of the things you think are helping your skin are actually causing it some serious damage? Here are the top 3 mistakes you are making with your skin. Continue reading