Fillerina: Does it actually work?


With Fillerina’s arrival in the UK being shouted out loud across most clinical skincare sites, the big question most consumers are surely asking is, ‘Does it actually work?’ I tested the Filler Treatment over the last couple of weeks to give you (and myself!) the answer to this question. Here’s what I thought about the Grade 2 Filler (on visible expression lines):

fillerinaPrice: It’s not cheap for anyone on an average skincare budget, but compared to invasive fillers (which this product aims to deliver similar results to) it works out a lot more cost-effective

First Impressions: I like the packaging – it looks very clinical in a good way. I’m just not sure if the syringes are a bit of a gimmick. Although they do get the point across, that this is an invasive filler alternative.

fillerinaAfter the First Day of Usage: My colleague who tried this thinks that he saw almost ‘immediate results’ after the first day. I’ll be honest, I didn’t. And, even after a few days I was starting to wonder whether it was actually going to do anything. It did sting slightly on my skin though, so I took this as a good sign that it was doing something.

After the First Week of Usage: Finally, I could see signs that Fillerina was working. My deeper expression lines on my forehead had become much less visible, although the ones around my eyes were still there.

After Two Weeks of Usage: I can definitely confirm that Fillerina has improved my lines and wrinkles and has also plumped by under eye/cheek area and lips very nicely.

Fillerina3Final verdict: I’m really happy with the results! Fillerina is not a miracle product…which ones are? And it won’t achieve the exact same results as invasive fillers, but it does achieve a good enough result that you will be very happy that you spent your money on it. The results are supposed to last for a few months, so watch this space for more updates on whether they do or not. And, if you need more information call 01423 589285.

Written by: Victoria, Skin Oracle

Here at Skin Oracle we are committed to helping you find the best skincare products that really get results, in order to do so we will be trying and testing each product and giving or honest opinions here as part of our personal shopping experience.